Roderic Crooks

Assistant Professor.
Department of Informatics.
University of California, Irvine.


Roderic Crooks is an assistant professor in the Department of Informatics at UC Irvine. His research examines how the use of digital technology by public institutions contributes to the minoritization of working-class communities of color. His current project explores how community organizers in working-class communities of color use data for activist projects, even as they dispute the proliferation of data-intensive technologies in education, law enforcement, financial services, and other vital sites of public life. He has published extensively in human-computer interaction (HCI), science and technology studies (STS), and social science venues on topics including political theories of online participation, equity of access, and document theory.

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In accordance with the University of California's Open Access Policy, I deposit free-to-download versions of all of my work in the eScholarship repository of the California Digital Library. 


I am available for speaking engagements related to my research and teaching. A press kit containing my bio, a photo, and my CV is available here for event organizers.

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Crooks, R. and Currie, M. (2021). Numbers will not save us: Agonistic data practices. The Information Society (in press).


Olgado, B.S., Pei, L., Shingane, M., Rana, S., Avakian, S., Vasques, K., Partida, E., and Crooks, R. (2021). Response-able ethics in computer science: Reflections on an NSF-REU program. Computer Science Education (under review). 


Crooks, R. (2019). Cat and mouse games: Dataveillance and performativity in urban schools. Surveillance & Society 17 (3/4), p. 484 – 498.







Faculty Profile

Department of Informatics

5088 Donald Bren Hall

Irvine, CA 92697


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